How to commission a bespoke painting

Make sure the artist has great processes in place to ensure you get an artwork that you love

A room is meant to feel peaceful, harmonious and a joy to be in. When there is a slight disconnect between the colours of decorative items and soft furnishings, the overall effect in a room can be a little disconcerting.

And when a disconnect happens, a good solution is to commission a bespoke painting to help bring the various colours together. This bespoke abstract was done for Tracey M who found it was almost impossible to match greys in fabrics or paint colours.


“I love my's great! I felt the different greys were a bit disconnected but having the soft grey of the sofa fabric in the painting tied all the colours used in the room together. I couldn't be happier!”. Tracey M.

As the artist, working with a predetermined colour scheme didn't affect my creativity at all. I loved this project as it really made the room sing!

If you'd like to discuss a project of your own, simply contact me! 

Another way to use my contemporary art is to choose items printed by Spoonflower for things like chair covers and matching cushions. 


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