How to create your own modern

interior in seven easy steps 

When I wanted to make my home look comfortable and creative,

I didn’t have a clue when it came to choosing colours or accessories. 


I’d put up a painting or two and hope my eclectic collection of photos, colourful accessories and precious objects would make my interiors look vibrant and interesting. 


No such luck! My interiors looked chaotic and uncomfortable. I didn’t know how to make things better so I gave up. Then, I was asked to make a bespoke painting to bring all the colours in a bedroom together. I was dubious at first. Painting to order was something

I had never done. 


Was I crossing the line between emotive fine art and decorative art?


To cut a long story short, I soon discovered you can make decorative art and, at the same time, fine art that becomes an emotional

touch-point. After completing the bespoke painting, I was impressed with how beautiful and peaceful the room looked and I wanted the same thing for myself.


I already had a painting I loved and luckily, it contained small splashes of colour that matched my brick walls (not an ideal surface to work with but won’t be changed unless we win the Lotto!).

So, what next? I had no idea until I discovered the phone app iPalettes. I took a photo of the painting, applied the app, and had an instant interior design colour scheme for my room! 

The room in question was my bedroom. With the colour scheme on my phone, I went shopping and found the cushions I wanted. I chose different textures for visual interest. I put my colourful sheets away and bought

crisp white bedlinen.

Once home, I assembled what I had. The room started to sing and, best of all, I could see what else was needed. I noticed the lampshades were completely wrong, the painting needed a floating timber frame and some of my decorative objects had to go.


I didn’t have to do much and it wasn’t that expensive to change things. 


Moral of the story? If I can do it, you can do it too!

Here’s how you can do it in seven easy steps:


1. Chose an easy room to do first, like a bedroom. Take a photo so you can compare later.


 2. Remove everything from the walls and strip the bed. Get rid of anything that is a distraction.


 3. Think about what you want people to notice first on entry. I decided on an abstract landscape painting but it could also have been a framed wedding photo or family portrait. 


4. Whatever image you choose will become the focal point of the room. Make sure the image is large enough to make a bold statement.


 5. Use your phone to take a close-up photo of the image. The iPalettes app will suggest an appropriate colour scheme to use. 


 6. Go shopping for accessories! Don’t buy too much at once because you are still in learning mode. Stick with white bed linen for simplicity and contrast.


 7. The time has come to stand back and admire your gorgeous bedroom! It will look crisp, comfy and creative. And won’t you feel proud!

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